Friday, January 25, 2008

Sushi + Kids = Noisy

It's been quite a while since Mr Minx and I went out for sushi. The last time we had it was in September, when we were in Albuquerque. Before that, it was July's Morimoto excursion. I had to go to the mall to pick up my new glasses today, so I left work early, did just that, then we went to our favorite local emporium of raw fish, Yamato Sushi. It was 5:30 and only two tables were taken. By the time we left, less than an hour later, it was standing room only. The place is pretty small, only about 12 tables plus the sushi bar, and I counted 11 children, 9 of which were under the age of 8. They were squirming and yelling and crying and rolling on the floor. I'm not a big fan of Rugrattus Americanus, and so many of them in an environment not a daycare center or school (which of course I would never set foot in) made me itchy.

I was shocked to see that sushi restaurants (at least this one) seem to have become the new family restaurant. What I want to know is: what the hell do kids eat in a sushi restaurant? I've been an adventurous eater since birth, pretty much, but there's no way I would have touched raw fish. These kids were so busy squirming and whining, being admonished by parents to "sit please," I'm sure they didn't eat much at all.

Do your beasts children eat sushi?


Flamingos & Flip Flops said...

Katie likes some of it, she doesn't get it often, and you most likely would not have known she was there... much less 4!

Chris said...

OMG, who takes kids to a sushi restaurant!!?? Crazy!!

Though I've often wondered the same sort of thing on the rare occasion that the Mister and I go to Pei Wei . . . there are always tons of kids there, and I often wonder what makes people thing that's a child-friendly place.

(we went to Pei Wei last weekend for hopefully the last time . . . it's just not worth the money or the tantrum-throwing, chopstick-drumming kidlets).

Anonymous said...

I'll make a deal with all parents of squirmy, noisy children. If you'll keep your kids out of sushi joints and similar adult-oriented places, I'll stay out of McDonalds.

stacey said...

As a parent, I still believe that, ultimately, the only "child-friendly' place is HOME! Unless the children can properly behave in public, they should stay out of it. When parents do not control their children, they should all be ejected from restaurants, but the staff is too cowardly to do so. As a patron, I have been known to say something directly to the parent(s) a few times.

I guaranteed that my child, now a teen, NEVER rolled around on the floor or ran around at a restaurant. If he fussed, yelled or cried, I am pretty sure it was not more than once.

That said, he has been enthusiastically eating sushi since he was about five. That boy could even pick crabs before he started school!

Anonymous said...

My wife and I have taken our daughter to eat sushi with us for two years. We let her try it at 4 and she is almost 6 now. She LOVES sushi rolls and likes sashimi as well. As far as public maners, I guess prior to being a parent it was such a big pet peeve of mine to have to listen to poor acting children, that we have tought our daughter better.

theminx said...

Anonymous - and kudos to you for teaching your child well. :) It is much appreciated!