Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yeah, I Know...

...I don't post here nearly often enough. But I'm on a diet and, meh, there's only so much food I allow myself to eat. I'm doing well though - 7 lbs down in September.

My DH has been really good about making lighter dinners, after I complained about the festival of carbs that we usually have (tons of pasta, potatoes, and rice, not nearly enough vegetables). He likes to make soup, so we're living on a liquid diet of sorts. Last night we had a gumbo-ish soup, that was delish, but today I wanted some solid food. Hell, I wanted a cheeseburger. But we had salad instead. A huge plate of greens and thinly sliced carrot, dressed with a nice vinaigrette, and topped with a big mound of tuna salad flavored with cilantro and some southwest-type seasoning that I made up for wedding favors. (Yes, I do know that my wedding was five years ago, and that spices lose their flavor over time, but I did pay good money for this stuff, and there's still plenty of it. I think it's growing, actually.) Quite tasty!

But I still want a cheeseburger. Sigh. Time to hit the exercise bike.

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