Friday, April 10, 2015

Want to Own a Restaurant in Baltimore?

Ok, budding restaurateurs in the Baltimore area, this is for you - but time is short.

Marriott International is doing a food and drink concept lab they're calling CANVAS. Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards invites entrepreneurs, chefs, bartenders and artisans throughout the greater Baltimore area to pitch a food or drink concept to be actualized at the hotel.

Submit an application by April 30th, 2015, get judged by a committee of local restaurateurs, foodies, hotel owners and restaurant/bar experts (a la Shark Tank) on May 11th, and if you're a winner, Marriott will kick in up to $50,000, including the resources, space, and expert support needed to flourish. The winner of the contest will have six months to try out their idea. If the traffic is good and the concept sticks it may become a downtown fixture.

Check out the guidelines and faq here:

“We believe the key ingredient of CANVAS is to marry the best ideas of local entrepreneurs with Marriott’s resources, space and capital that will transform ambition into action right inside our hotels,” said Onahlea Shimunek, general manager of Baltimore Marriott Inner Harbor at Camden Yards. “Just like travel, food and drink experiences today are about indulgence and discovery for modern travelers and local clientele alike, to savor, enjoy and share.”

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