Saturday, August 14, 2010

Has it Been Five Years Already?

Minxeats was born on August 14, 2005. The first foodie adventure I shared with my readers (which then numbered two - Mr Minx and me) was a trip through the land of dumplings and delicacies known as dim sum. Jesse Wong's Hong Kong is no longer around, but Minxeats is, and we're up to about 10 readers (20, when I'm recapping Top Chef.)

To celebrate the momentous occasion of Minxeats' fifth anniversary, we're having a contest. A simple one.

Just leave a comment extolling the virtues of Minxeats. Tell me why you love me. Stroke my ego (lord knows I need it). I will draw FIVE comments at random and those winners will receive fabulous prizes, selected by moi.

What kind of prizes, you ask? Errr, fabulous ones? Like a Top Chef Quickfire Cookbook! Or...a gift "basket" filled with some of my favorite products (Sriracha, Thai Basil paste, and full boxes of all five products in the True Citrus family, to name a few), plus other foodie goodies, including an oven mitt from the Today Show Cooking School. (In your comment, please let me know if you prefer a cookbook or a basket. I can't guarantee you'll get what you want due to the random drawing thing, but hopefully Lady Luck will be on your side.)

But wait...there's more! All commenters who take a stab at answering the following questions will be entered in a second drawing. The prize for this special drawing will be...dim sum with the Minxes at Asian Court in Ellicott City, MD.

1. What is my favorite Chinese restaurant?
2. What ingredient ends up in my cooking most often (other than salt, pepper, sugar, oil, and vinegar)?
3. Who is my least-favorite Food Network personality?
4. What country are my forebears from?
5. What is the Minxes' go-to special occasion restaurant?

If anyone gets all of the answers correct, well, then thanks for reading so thoroughly!

Ok, now for the fine print. Please read carefully.
  • Contest open to residents of the U.S. and Canada only.
  • Please be 18 years of age or older.
  • Entrants who have won a prize from any Minx blogs within the past 60 days are ineligible.
  • The odds of winning are dependent on the number of entries received.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly and notified via email.
  • Only Entrants who provide valid e-mail addresses will be considered in prize drawings.
  • Immediate family members of the Minxes are not eligible to win.
  • Minxeats assumes no liability for injuries which may occur from improper or incorrect use of prize materials.
  • Dim sum prize definitely does not include compensation for airfare, accommodations, or any form of ground transportation for entrants who live outside the Baltimore Metro area. Nor inside the Baltimore Metro area, for that matter.
  • Contest ends August 28th at noon.
Thanks to all of you who have remained loyal Minxeats fans over the years. I shall endeavor to continue providing you with original recipes, commentary on restaurants, and snarky recaps for as long as I have readers.