Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Curated - A Kitchen Table Dinner Series

Starting tonight, October 19, Wit & Wisdom will be presenting a series of curated multi-course dinners at their chef's table. "Curated - A Kitchen Table Dinner Series," is a weekly experience that will allow guests to experience everything from seasonal recipes to international cuisines, different cooking techniques, unique food and wine pairings, and many of Wit & Wisdom’s classic dishes. Guests will be able to enjoy dinner while seated at the restaurant’s chef’s table, dubbed “The Kitchen Table," enabling a more interactive and intimate experience with Wit & Wisdom’s chef Zack Mills and the rest of their award-winning staff.

Curated will take place every Wednesday evening at 7:30 p.m. beginning October 19.

I think this is a great idea! It gives Baltimore diners something fun to look forward to every week during the fall and into the new year. They all sound great, but I'm leaning toward the Pabu dinner, the dessert dinner, Sustainable Seafood (naturally), and the French dinner. How about you?

For more details and to reserve your spot at the Kitchen Table, please call Reservations at +1 (410) 576-5800.

October 19
“Wit Gone Wild”
Four course dinner featuring local wild game
$75 (Optional Beverage Pairing $45)

October 26
"Pabu Satori Dinner”
Let’s toast to the opening of Pabu in Boston with eight courses of your Pabu favorites.
$125 (Optional Beverage Pairing $50)

November 2
“Heritage Pork: Swine & Dine”
Six course dinner featuring heritage pork.
$75 (Optional Beverage Pairing $45)

November 9
“Five Years of Wit”
Five courses featuring five our most popular dishes over the past five years.
$65 (Optional Beverage Pairing $45)

November 16
“Fall Harvest”
Seven courses highlighting the beautiful seasonal vegetables.
$75 (Optional Beverage Pairing $45)

November 30
“Grandmother's Italian Kitchen”
Six traditional Italian courses that your grandmother would approve of.
$65 (Optional Beverage Pairing $35)

December 7
“Truffle Dinner”
Five courses of truffles – need we say more?
Market Price

December 14
“Michael Mina Classics”
Six courses featuring all of Chef Mina’s signature dishes.
$95 (Optional Beverage Pairing $55)

December 21
“Dyan’s Dessert for Dinner”
Five courses featuring sweet and savory desserts – you won’t even miss your entrĂ©e.
$50 (Optional Beverage Pairing $35)

December 28
“Dinner on the Half Shell”
Enjoy four courses with oyster inspired dishes.
$50 (Optional Beverage Pairing $35)

January 4
“Global Journey of Food & Wine”
Flavors from around the world are featured in this five course dinner.
$75 (Optional Beverage Pairing $45)

January 11
“Sustainable Seafood Supper”
Five courses of eating responsibly
$75 (Optional Beverage Pairing $45)

January 18
“Classic French Cooking”
Eight courses of fine French cuisine
$90 (Optional Beverage Pairing $45)

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