Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Choice Bites 10.9.12

Grant Achatz' team at Chicago's Alinea recently spent five days cooking at Eleven Madison Park in New York. And vice versa. All of the advance prep work that needed to be done (since Alinea's menu and servewear is so famously complex) is rather fascinating. NY Mag's Grub Street has the scoop.

Bravo's Top Chef is so popular, they've opened a restaurant. An extended pop-up, Top Chef Kitchen sold out within an hour (I know - I tried to get a reservation within minutes of receiving the press release). Food Republic has a bit more on the concept, plus links to the official Web site.

Elvis Presley's daughter has a food truck. Sorta. Does it serve deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Nope. Fish and Chips. Which isn't exactly more healthy.

Have you read the horrible news that there may be a shortage of pork products in 2013? How will we get our bacon fix? Some say not to worry - it's not true. (Besides, the world is going to end in December of 2012, so we won't need the bacon anyway.)

For the prurient among us, Neil Patrick Harris has a food-porn-only Twitter account @NPHFoodPorn.

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