Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Comment from GrrChe

Last week's post on the grilled cheese truck, GrrChe garnered this comment from Rick, the Grilled Cheese Man himself.
Thank you for the review and I do appreciate it. I feel the only way to improve as a business is to hear replies from honest people. We have since gotten rid of the Dominique. While some people enjoyed the sandwich I agree it was too soggy because of the Cheese and Pesto. We have only been open 7 weeks and I am still changing thing. We have new much better bread that holds up to grilling better. I have replaced the Dominique with a Turkey Grill... It's on a large Multi Grain bread with Turkey, Avocado, Swiss, and Honey Mustard. I also did not like the Veggie we first started out with... now to replace it I make a Caribbean Grill... It's made with Fresh Mango Salsa I make from scratch, Honey Mustard, and Swiss... People love the flavor. Like I said we are still learning and I want to make the best sandwich at a fair price for people for lunch. We are still working on the pickle issue and trying to find an affordable alternative way to pack it... for now we are using Eco Friendly plastic bags and packing the napkins on the other side of the pickle. I hope you try us again and enjoy it more each time as we grow and add more to the menu... Thanks GrrChe (Rick)
This kind of stuff makes me excited - when people tinker until they get it right! Heartier bread and new kinds of fillings are the way to go! I'm looking forward to trying one of the new offerings the next time GrrChe hits the neighborhood.

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