Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Choice Bites 8.16.2011

Want to try an Obama Pizza? You can get one...in Paris, at Pink Flamingo (warning: one of the most annoying Web sites EVAR). The Obama is topped with bacon and pineapple chutney. You can also get a Ghandi-inspired pie topped with saag paneer and baba ganoush.

Love this article on turning gas station snacks into haute road trip fare!

Here's a fun distraction - help the New York Public Library transcribe their menu collection! I've worked on French, English, and German menus so far.

Has everyone heard about Foodsherpa yet? It's a company sorta like Groupon, LivingSocial, etc., but instead of offering daily discount coupons for restaurants and other services, they offer a new and interesting food product. I've so far purchased a jar of walnut preserves (mentioned today in an earlier post), but have been tempted by other goodies like saffron pasta, gingerbread pasta, and hot ginger caramel sauce.

The Chesapeake Crab and Beer Festival will be held on August 20 at the National Harbor Waterfront. For more details, click here.

Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio makes an appearance in the Smurfs Movie. Of course, unless you have kids, you're not going to shell out good money to see it, so here's a clip.

And...the 3rd food truck event known as "The Gathering" has been scheduled for Friday, September 2nd from 5-10pm. Location TBA.

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