Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Super Bowl Nachos

Every year, Mr Minx and I have our own private little Super Bowl party at home. Last year I made sausage rolls, but Mr Minx wanted something simpler this time: nachos.

Not that anything can be simple when I'm cooking.

I cooked a pork shoulder on Friday just to have some meat for the nachos. I shredded it and bathed it in a mixture of molé sauce and tomato paste. I also fried up some mushrooms and onions with garlic.

Along with the meat and veg, I used both cotija cheese and some shredded Mexican blend. And the chips were actually chipotle-flavored tostadas.

Additional do-it-yourself toppings include sour cream, guacamole, fire roasted tomato or corn salsa (from Trader Joe's), chopped raw jalapeno, cilantro, and green onions.

Mr Minx thought the snowman paper plates would be an appropriate addition to the table. Funny, because of the mountains of snow currently surrounding our house, but also sad. For the same reason.

Yum! Everything came together nicely. The chips and the pork were spicy and savory, and all of the toppings added myriad textures. Along with the nachos we drank a cheap Aussie screwtop Pinot Noir from Silverwing. A bit like alcoholic grape juice, neither acidy nor tannic, it went well with the spicy food. And it kept us warm while watching the game.

Milo enjoyed a little bit of cheese, although he would happily have jumped head-first into the entire tray of nachos. But there were chocolate and onions present, both of which are toxic to canines. Plus, he's already gained a pound in the three weeks we've had him! Vet thought it was good though, fine, but we don't want to have a chubby puppy in the house. Not like our neighbor with the already-grossly-overweight 10-month-old yellow lab. I swear that dog weighs 80 lbs already.

The best part of watching the Super Bowl this year was seeing Peyton Manning and the Colts lose to the New Orleans Saints. It was the Saints first visit to the Big Game, despite playing in the "Superdome" for so many years. Congrats to Drew Brees and the rest of the team! And to the Colts - ha ha ha. :)


bernal_vernal said...

Your doggie is so cute! I'm trying to refrain from feeding our dog people food, he needs to lose weight.

Hope the terrible weather ends for you soon.

theminx said...

My thought is that as long as the people food isn't toxic (avocado, chocolate, caffeine, macadamia nuts, onions/garlic) it's a lot better than dog food. If I give Milo some of the chicken or beef we're having for dinner, I just give him less food for lunch or dinner.

Julie said...

I can't get over how cute Milo is. He looks like he should be starring in a Disney movie.

And I would happily jump head first into those nachos too -- they look delicious.