Thursday, January 28, 2010

Product of the Week - Utz Potato Chips

Although I don't eat them very often (once every 10 days or so), I am a fan of the potato chip. Particularly the Utz brand, from Hanover, PA. There's just something perfect about those golden brown slices of crisply-fried potato that I haven't tasted in other brands.

Because they were on sale, we recently bought Herr's; the plain version tasted too strongly of cooking oil and the barbecue flavor was too salty/savory. When I was a kid, Wise was the only brand of chip available at my school. I found the plain flavor to be repugnant, but the barbecue was pretty good. Still, if I had my druthers, I preferred to eat Utz over all.

Today, my favorite Utz chips are the Honey BBQ, which, despite the name, don't seem to be as sweet as the standard Bar-B-Q flavor. Plain Utz are next, followed by the Salt and Pepper. The Kettle Classic chips are also good, particularly the Sweet Potato chips. Additionally, I *love* Utz BBQ Corn Chips - they are sweet and savory and not half as salty as Fritos. Oh, and their pretzels are decent, too.

Utz can basically do no wrong. :)