Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Soft Tacos

I'm always printing out interesting recipes I find on the Internet. I have a stack of paper 2" high that desperately needs a binder to keep it all organized. Maybe I'll have time during my holiday vacation (16 days this year!) to work on it. Or not.

One of those recipes was for soft corn taco shells. Kinda sorta tortillas. But maybe more like pancakes or thick crepes.

The first one I poured out ended up more like a gordita, so I used a lot less batter for the rest of the batch. They were kinda interesting - a little rubbery in texture and they needed a bit more corn flavor. But they did the trick.

I served them with some flank steak that had been marinated in my usual soy/ketchup/garlic/Worcestershire, plus a healthy dose of sambal oelek. And sautéed mushrooms and onions, plus a heaping spoonful of Trader Joe's corn and chile salsa. (So good - I can almost eat the whole jar in one sitting. Love the coriander seed and spicy kick.)

Kinda looks like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors having lunch, doesn't it?

There are several "taco shells" left, and I might try melting some cheddar cheese on them and pretending they are "corn bread." Or not.

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Beth said...

the audrey comment made me smile.

I love tortillas with melted cheese as a snack.