Friday, December 04, 2009

Turkey Tetrazzini

Two turkeys at Thanksgiving means tons of leftovers. Tons. And with me not really loving the taste of turkey, I had to find ways to disguise it a bit. On Thanksgiving Friday, I made kung pao turkey (recipe here). Sunday we had turkey nachos (I mixed chopped turkey with Mexican chorizo and onions, which I then dolloped on tortilla chips). Tuesday we ate turkey in a more traditional manner with the leftover Thanksgiving sides - Mr Minx had his plain, but I ate mine on a sandwich with Kewpie mayo and cranberry sauce on marble rye. By Wednesday there were still several pounds of the beast left, so I suggested to Mr Minx that he make Turkey Tetrazzini, a casserole of pasta, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese.

It was the perfect comfort food meal for a rainy evening. Nice and creamy, with crispy bread crumbs and chunks of turkey and mushroom. Look at those browned and crispy edges!

It tasted like more. And there was plenty of it, too. Made a great Thursday lunch.