Friday, October 02, 2009

Choice Bites 10.2.09

I stumbled upon this site accidentally and it left me feeling slightly nauseated.

Flags made of food! Cool - check them out here.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Riedel, manufacturer of fine glassware, is offering a set of four pink-tinted, dishwasher-safe, stemless glasses. Fifteen percent of Riedel's pink sales will be donated to the non-profit Living Beyond Breast Cancer.

One link leads to another: I happened upon the Web site of Bayer Public Relations and decided to check out the links to her clients. This client was featuring a rather interesting product (click image to read text).

Then I find this giant pile o' poo; Mr Minx thinks it looks like a collection of stuff one can buy at the dollar store:

Coincidence? Fate? Is it also coincidence that Rachael Ray is in that little video clip to the left? She's touting this product:

...which sounds like something that gets scraped off of taxi floor mats. Or maybe it's fragranced with cumin and body odor and is very expensive?