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Les Trois Petits Cochons

Les Trois Petits Cochons (the Three Little Pigs) specializes in charcuterie. While the name is fancy and French, TPC products--from dry sausage to fancier mousses, pâtés and terrines--can be found in grocery stores and specialty shops all over the U.S. The company offered to send us some samples, and while I would have loved to try their Pâté de Campagne, Mousse de Foie de Canard au Porto (duck liver and pork mousse with Port) or the Terrine des Trois Rois (chicken and duck foie layered with Armagnac-marinated prunes), I was worried about shipping delicate meat products on a muggy late Spring day. So I opted for the much safer options of Saucisson Sec aux Cepes (air-dried sausage with porcini mushrooms) and Spanish chorizo, both of which can safely be stored at room temperature if not opened.

Dry sausages are such a versatile product. Both the chorizo and the saucisson sec are delicious on their own, eaten in slices or chunks as a snack, maybe with cheese or bread. We chopped 'em up and cooked them, too. Some chorizo, cut into tiny pieces and fried with yellow bell peppers, made a flavorful filling for an omelette flatbread sandwich. We also diced some of the saucisson sec and used it to flavor a very non-Asian version of fried rice that used tons of fresh herbs from our garden (that will come up in another post!)

Omelette Sandwich

About a 1 1/2" chunk cut from a Les Trois Petits Cochons Chorizo
1/4 yellow bell pepper
Olive oil
4 large eggs
Salt and pepper to taste
Your choice of cheese, shredded
Fresh basil and chives
4 pieces buttered toast

Cut the sausage into small cubes and place in a large saute pan with the peppers and a bit of olive oil. Cook over medium high heat until the sausage starts to brown and release its fat, and the pepper softens, about 3-4 minutes. Remove from the heat and set aside.

Wipe out the pan and add a knob of butter to it while the heat is still off.

Beat the eggs with a little water. Season with salt and pepper and pour into the buttered pan. Turn the heat on to medium and cook the eggs until they start to look a little dry on the top. Using a spatula, flip the omelet. Immediately sprinkle on the cheese and add the peppers and chorizo. Flip half the omelette onto itself to make a half moon. Turn off the heat.

Cut the omelette in half with the edge of the spatula. Scoop one half onto each of two pieces of toast. Sprinkle with chives and basil. Top with other piece of toast.



In the Baltimore area, Les Trois Petits Cochons products can be found at Safeway, Whole Foods, and The Fresh Market. Not surprisingly, you can also get them at

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