Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Savannah Bee

The Savannah Bee Company offers both edible honey and honey-enriched beauty products. We were both suffering from bad colds and drinking lots of hot tea with honey and lemon, so we jumped at the chance to sample some of Savannah Bee's products.

They sent us three flavors of honey shortbread cookie bites and a jar of spun cinnamon honey--both perfect additions to our tea habit. The cookies are little bitsy things with a big buttery taste and pleasantly granular texture. They are honestly some of the best shortbread we've ever tried, tasting pretty close to home-made.

The spun honey is made from crystallized honey and cinnamon, creating a smooth and dense product that tastes delish eaten right off the spoon, but it's also terrific spread on toast or warm biscuits. I like to add it to my overnight oats, to give them a nice sweetness with a hint of cinnamon. Of course, it's great in regular hot oatmeal as well.

Savannah Bee also sells different types of artisan honey, in flavors like acacia and sourwood, and honeys they call "everyday" honeys, formulated for adding to tea or eating with cheese. They also have a ton of beauty products made with honey or beeswax, including lip balm, body lotion, hand cream, and shampoo. I'm eyeballing the beeswax lip gloss and royal jelly body butter myself to keep dry lips and hands at bay. Hm...might need more of those cookies, too.

Savannah Bee products can be ordered online, from their Web site, but some local Baltimore-area shops also carry their honeys, like Baltimore Coffee and Tea, Eddie's, and the Teavana in Columbia.

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