Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Dinner

After a bit of pondering, we decided to make an atypical Easter dinner this year. Neal made his delicious meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and I slaved over buttering some microwaved asparagus. Heh. It's nice to have someone else cook the main part of the holiday dinner. And man - was it delicious! Possibly the best meatloaf he's ever made, and it's wonderful every time, so that's saying something.

I did make dessert, a strawberry trifle, to christen the trifle bowl my MIL bought us for Christmas. I wanted it to taste a little like the strawberry pie from Haussner's (check out the link; there are photos of the restaurant AND a menu), with pastry cream and toasted almonds. But as it was a trifle, I used good old Bird's custard rather than making it from scratch. And rather than ladyfingers, I used a Sara Lee poundcake.

It didn't look like this for long - we decimated it. There was just enough left over for a wee bedtime snack the next day. It's really amazing how tasty eggless custard from a mix can taste - it's far better than any boxed pudding I've eaten, possibly because the cook adds sugar to his or her discretion.

Of course, the trifle might have been even better had I taken the time to make pastry cream from scratch, but I figured with the booze (framboise), blackberry jam, strawberries, cake, etc., the difference would have been pretty subtle. And I got no complaints.

Hope you had a good Easter. :)