Friday, March 27, 2009

Padma Likes 'em Thick

Have you seen this bit of food porn yet? I had avoided watching it until last night, when Cliff sent me the link. I felt obligated to take a look. If you do too, a little warning: it's somewhat nauseating.

Watch it Padma - that thing has 900 calories and 2040 mg of sodium! Can a "culinary expert" like you afford that?


Cliff O'Neill said...

You said it, sister!

Nanc Twop said...


Padma McPorn.

Reminds me of that posed chocolate pic she did a year or two ago. (tell me if you haven't seen that one, and I'll find the link)

But here's some more immediate TC news - I touched the Top Chef Tour truck while we were passing thru NYC. If you have any NYC pals tell'm they'll be there through Sat. afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Wow food porn - where are they showing this commercial? Seems a little randy for US TV

Anonymous said...

So ... where was the nauseating part? :)