Thursday, March 19, 2009


I found a new site, This is Why You're Fat, that features photos of some gruesome-looking chow. But I don't see any problem with these items:

Chocolate-covered bacon.

Country fried bacon and gravy.

Candied bacon ice cream.

Bacon donut.

Bacon chocolate chip cookies.

Are you getting the theme yet?


Miss Ginger Grant said...

I love that site! And as weird as it sounds, I'll bet chocolate dipped bacon is good! I had just heard about chicken-fried bacon last week... may have to try that this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Michael Symon made a chocolate dipped bacon on DI. Been meaning to try it. Salty and sweet. Just like Michael.

theminx said...

I saw that episode - he was in Wildwood, correct? And it was not only chocolate coated, but it had toasted almonds on it. Sounds like my kinda candy.

Anonymous said...

Correct. I forgot about the almonds!