Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Calendar Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone who entered our contest! Kristine B. and Paula A. are the only ones who gave me the answers that I was looking for. But because we have three calendars to give away, the final prize goes to the one who got the next highest amount of answers, and that's Rob S. with 10 correct. Congrats! I'll be e-mailing you for your snail mail addresses shortly.

UPDATE: Mary Lynn A. also got all 12 answers correct, my bad (misplaced her e-mail). Thanks for bringing it to my attention. And all four of you will get calendars. :)

Here are the answers:

1. Which Top Cheftestant (that we knew of) has only one testicle? Chris "CJ" Jacobsen

2. Who was the original host of Top Chef? Katie Lee Joel

3. Season 4's Ryan Scott had trouble preparing a classical chicken dish. What was it? Chicken Piccata

4. Whose winning dish is featured on the menu at T.G.I Fridays? Betty Fraser

5. In how many episodes did Anthony Bourdain appear? Five (Season 2 Ep.6; Season 3 Ep.1 and Ep.12; Season 4 Ep.1 and Ep.11)

6. Which famous musical performer's sibling appeared on Top Chef? (Name both the performer and the sibling.) Madonna's brother, Christopher Ciccone

7. Why was Andrea Beaman brought back to compete in season one? Because Cynthia Sestito left to take care of her ill father.

8. Who were the fan favorites from the seasons prior to season five? Sam Talbot, Casey Thompson, Stephanie Izard

9. Which chef was eliminated for cheating? Otto Borsich

10. Whose hometown is Niceville, Florida? Jeff McInnis

11. Who is the champion nutcracker of Top Chef? Hosea Rosenberg

12. Name the locales for the finales of each season. Las Vegas, NV; Hawaii; Aspen, CO; San Juan, Puerto Rico; New Orleans, LA


Nanc Twop said...

'This contest was sabotaged, sabotaged I say!' ... Oops - sorry - channeling S4 Lisa for a sec...

Thanks for doing the contest, it was fun.

Now how exactly did TC use a hose to crack nuts again?


Anonymous said...

Thank You! The contest was fun and I look forward to receiving the calendar.