Friday, March 13, 2009

Comments on The Chopping Block

I'm not going to be recapping The Chopping Block because I'm still recovering from Top Chef. I'm sure you understand. But I do have a couple of random comments on the show.

First, the show reminds me, ominously, of another NBC food-related reality show and Rocco DiSpirito's downfall, The Restaurant.

Second, I am happy to see that Marco Pierre White is (so far) not a raging lunatic screamer, like Gordon Ramsay.

Third, is anyone else disappointed in Xan and Than? With those names, I expected this:

Siamese Twins

but got this:



the dogs' mother said...

I did not get beyond the overly emotional and saving the planet intro. Tossed the remote to The Engineer and got out there right quick.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the brother, Zan/Xan (sp?) wsa an ass. Not sure how I feel about this show. Not one of the contestants stood out for me. I'll have to console myself with rereading your Top Chef recaps and the Bravo blogs!

Anonymous said...

I was bored after about 5 minutes.