Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I made chili for dinner on Saturday, then was stumped as to what to make for Sunday. The Trader Joe's salmon filets in the freezer seemed a likely candidate for protein du jour, but what to do with them?

A quick look through Ming Tsai's cookbook Simply Ming turned up salmon glazed with a soy/kaffir lime concoction. Rather than follow the recipe, which required several cups of both soy sauce and brown sugar, I winged it with about a quarter cup of each, plus orange juice instead of the required lime. And you know I keep a bag of kaffir lime leaves in the freezer...seriously, I do!

I crusted the salmon on one side with sesame seeds and cooked it on our pancake griddle rather than a sauté pan. It came out fairly rare in the center, which means it wasn't overcooked, as usual at Chez Minx. Yay! I made a side dish of rice with onions and mushrooms, and we had a salad as well.

The red stuff is a bit of sriracha, for color.

The meal's flavors were very subtle and on the Japanese side. Like cooked sushi maybe. I have a bit of the sauce left - what should I do with it?

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