Monday, December 08, 2008

The Leftover King

Nothing goes wasted in my house. The day before Thanksgiving, we got a delivery order of Peking duck and Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce from Szechuan House. We demolished most of the duck apart from a whole lot of soggy skin. A few days later, Mr Minx crisped up the skin in a hot sauté pan to make duck cracklins, cooked up some onion and mushrooms in the resulting rendered duck fat, added the leftover broccoli, and cooked some fettuccine. The resulting pasta dish didn't taste at all Chinese. But it was delicious.

Szechuan House gave us the carcass, and that's waiting in the freezer for a stock-making opportunity, along with the bones from this year's turkey.

I have a co-worker who "don't do leftovers." I really don't understand that mentality at all. Sometimes I prefer to create something with pre-cooked food, rather than to work from scratch. I made a big pot of chili on Saturday and there's about 1 1/2 quarts of it left. I have a feeling it won't be consumed in its original form when we get around to eating it....

How do you feel about leftovers?