Wednesday, December 31, 2008

No Top Chef - Again

Figures that I have free time at home to work on recaps, but no new episodes..... Would have been a good thing to watch between dinner out and watching the ball drop on TV!

Have a safe evening, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Nanc Twop said...

You're right.
Why no TC New Year's bash'?!

(better than that '12 Days' ep)

* Then again, it could be worse...

If Bravo thought it would bring in the youth demographic, then the New Years ep would be the chefs using 'gaseous' foods so they could all 'toot' in the New Year...


theminx said...

Now, that's classy, Nanc! Good thing you don't work for

David Dust said...

Lord, I hope Andy Cohen doesn't read what Nancy wrote...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank you again for the fabulous header you created for my blog.

It was great meeting you face-to-face in 2008. We must get together again in 2009.

Love & Hugs,