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Flashback Friday - Minx Answers Your Questions

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This post originally appeared on on June 29, 2011.

I've noticed that search engines lead many people to this site as an answer to a specific question. The most popular query, hands down, is "Is Fabio Viviani married?" I'm not sure why so many people need to know the answer, but it is "no, not currently." (He does, however, have a girlfriend.)

Here are some other questions I can answer. If you have questions for theminx, send them to me via e-mail and I'll do my best with them.

Where can I buy Nzorbit M tapioca maltodextrin?
There are a couple of outlets on the Internet that sell Tapioca Maltodextrin. Willpowder and L'Epicerie are two good ones, and both carry other tools for "molecular gastronomy" or whatever the kids are calling it today.

Are chia seeds more beneficial crushed?
More beneficial, no, but their crunchy texture is minimized by a spin through a coffee grinder or mini-prep. Otherwise, they've a texture reminiscent of poppy seeds, which might not be desired in something like a chicken burger.

And that there is the answer to "What can I add to extra lean hamburger for moisture?"

Does honey attract flies?
You had to look that up on the Internet? Really? Really? Basically anything that emits an odor attracts flies: decomposing bodies; feces; your perfume; your toothbrush; food. Honey falls into that last category, and sweet things are especially tempting to the type of flies known as fruit flies. So the answer is, "yes."

Where can I find recipe for Rocco's chicken salad made with yogurt?
I've seen a couple variations on this query, plus someone came right out and asked the Rocco's Dinner Party Facebook page where the recipe could be found in his cookbook. Guess people weren't paying attention to the show because they were too busy being blinded by the awesomeness that is Rocco DiSpirito, but the recipe was created by Chef Ryan Poli, a competitor on the reality show. If anyone would like Poli's recipe for his Chicken Salad, Celery, Herbs, Non-fat Yogurt, Lemon Zest, it can be found here.

Is Penny [Davidi, Food Network Star] an embarrassment for Middle Easterners?
What a question! I doubt the answer can be found on Minxeats, since we're not Middle Eastern, but she seemed to make really good food every week, which should count for something, eh? However, her caustic behavior should be embarrassing to her own self, which I guess would make the answer to this question, "yes."

Who will win the Next Food Network Star 2011?
Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am not psychic. And as far as I know, no sloppy Food Network intern has yet spilled the beans to the media. You'll just have to suffer for another 3 weeks just like the rest of us.

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