Friday, June 28, 2013

Philly Mignon

If you want a grilled cheese sandwich, a burger, or a cup of soup, then skip that green truck labeled Philly Mignon in a font reminiscent of the old Philadelphia Phillies logo. All it serves are cheesesteaks and fries. The words "steak frites" under the side window basically doubles as the truck's menu.

The steaks come two ways: original Philly style with Cheez Whiz and "wit" or "witout" fried onions; or Balmore style, with your choice of lettuce, tomato, hots, & mayo. The steak is rib eye, flavorful and tender, and it's piled on a softly chewy hoagie roll with your choice of toppings. The Cheez Whiz option is a bit salty, but there's no faulting the tender and flavorful meat.

Despite the nearly foot-long size, the sandwich isn't heavy, nor is it particularly messy (although little nubbins of meat were wont to fall out now and again).

The fries are something they called "papas fritas" (which of course means fried potatoes, in Spanish), seasoned fries with onions and jalapenos. Haven't tried those, but they look good.

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