Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Potbelly Sandwich Works

Potbelly Sandwich Works opened up near UMMS sometime in the last year or so. The first time I ate a Potbelly sandwich, I stood in line with the rest of the customers. That day, it was packed, but the tasty roast beef and cheese on multigrain bread seemed worth the wait. The beef was lean and lacked the rubbery quality that I hate so much about non-Jewish-deli roast beef. The bread had been toasted and was a far cry better than the stuff served at the other sandwich chain nearby - Subway.

The second time around, I decided I wouldn't waste my time in line and ordered my sandwich via Potbelly's handy online order system. That time, I tried the chicken salad, which was a bit bland, full of white meat and mayo. Not the best version I've ever eaten, but certainly not the worst.

Third time's the charm, they say, but that adage seemed to work in reverse for me. On my third trip to Potbelly, several months later, I tried the vegetarian sandwich, which consisted of Swiss, Provolone, and Cheddar cheeses, plus mushrooms. Despite the variety of cheeses, the sandwich was surprisingly...bland. The cheese tasted generically cheesy, and the mushrooms were cooked (until warm, but not any further than that - certainly there was no caramelization going on) but they seemed unseasoned. Even the pickle slices that I had requested were rather flavorless. Mayonnaise seemed to be the most dominant flavor. Disappointing.

So...bread's better than Subway. Roast beef is pretty good. Everything else...meh. There are several places to get a decent sandwich in the area; I think I'll stick to the UMMS cafeteria.

And this is why we need food trucks.

Potbelly Sandwich Works
519 W. Pratt St.
Baltimore, MD 21201
(410) 528-0901

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