Friday, July 16, 2010

Chat Forum

I briefly toyed with the idea of starting my own foodie chat forum. I'm a member of Chow and eGullet, but they just don't have ne sais quoi that I'm looking for. So I joined, which seems mostly DC-centric, but there is a Baltimore Restaurants and Dining section.

Anyone want to join me in chatting there?


Mr. Cheap Eats said...

There's a "live chat" set up at It's not specifically a foodie chat, but a room could be created.

theminx said...

Oh...I didn't mean live chat. After 5 years on AOL, I have no need to ever visit a chatroom again. I don't even use instant messenger programs anymore. But if someone else wants to try it and report back here, go for it!

PerryMB said...

That is a heavy based Washington food message board. I could never get interested in what is going on there.