Wednesday, August 20, 2008


On Sunday night, Mr Minx, MinxBro and I went to Mo's Fisherman's Exchange in the Satyr Hill shopping center for dinner. Mo's used to be a favorite of my mother's, and every Saturday for several months running she ordered the mahi mahi, broiled, with a baked potato and veg medley. Sometimes my brother and I would go, mostly because Dad paid. But the food was also good, particularly a dish called Steak Christopher, which was a filet topped with lobster, crab imperial, AND bernaise. Now you don't get the lobster and it's $6 more. Ahh...the good old days....

Mo's will never win any awards for service, but the food is still consistently pretty decent and hugely portioned. I had the "stuffed" scallops ($20.99, actually, a bowl of scallops topped with crab imperial) and there was enough good crab meat there for a pretty large crab cake. The scallops were just barely cooked through, so that was perfect. My brother got stuffed broiled grouper (about $24, I don't remember, and the Web site prices are off by a dollar or so): two large fillets balanced on their sides and curved into a bowl, which was then filled with an impressive amount of crab imperial. Mr Minx had the Sunday special NY strip and fried shrimp ($19.99). I didn't try the shrimp, but the steak was tender and cooked exactly to medium-rare, as ordered. Sides - baked potatoes, salads, veg medley - were all fresh, the veg nicely al dente.

The restaurant was my brother's suggestion. It was about halfway between his place and ours, and he had just been there on Friday. The place must be good if a man's going to eat there two nights in one weekend, eh?

Mo's Fisherman's Exchange
2025 E Joppa Rd
Parkville, MD 21234
(410) 665-8800

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