Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Celebrity Pet Food

So you've probably heard about Rachael Ray's new Nutrish pet food line, huh? And remember Rocco DiSpirito was hawking cat food a while back? Who's gonna jump on the bandwagon next? Gallery of the Absurd's 14 thinks Mario might be next. Hey, he's already selling watches.


Anonymous said...

At least the proceeds from the sale of the Mario watches go to charity. And I kinda like the orange and black color combo. :o)

John said...

Why is he covered in milk?

Is Ray's pet food "Nut Rish" or "New Trush"?

theminx said...

Ewww, John. That's supposed to be sweat. I think Ray's food should be "Nut Rush" because that's who's gonna be buying it.