Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gimme Five

A meme for a Tuesday morning:

Five Favorite Foods
In no particular order, despite the numbers
1. chocolate
2. anything Thai
3. ice cream
4. bbq ribs
5. naval oranges

Five Least Favorite Foods
1. lima beans
2. garbanzo beans (they taste ok, but they make me sick)
3. fermented shark (never tried it, but I'd bet it would make this list)
4. raw squid
5. Aunt Stasia's salmon spaghetti.

Five Favorite Restaurants
1. Roy's
2. Mesa Grill
3. Sotto Sopra
4. Cajun Kate's
5. Yamato Sushi

Five Favorite Pizza Toppings
1. mushrooms
2. Italian sausage
3. onions
4. lamb (if I get to make the pizza!)
5. flavorful cheeses other than mozzarella

Five Favorite Food-related TV Shows
1. Top Chef
2. Iron Chef
3. A Cook's Tour
4. America's Test Kitchen
5. any that feature actual cooking that aren't on the Food Network

Tag, you're it: Amy, Kate, Kit, Neal - anyone else who wants to play!


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Kath, I posted my list on my seldom-updated blog.