Monday, September 30, 2013

International Sake Day

One of our favorite local restaurants, PABU, is celebrating International Sake Day all through October. On Tuesday, October 1st, they'll kick off Sake Month with the launch of a month-long Sake Happy Hour, featuring complimentary abbreviated Sake 101 classes taught by sake sommelier Tiffany Soto, as well as complimentary sake tastings. The restaurant will also highlight signature sake cocktails like the Cobra Kai and the Super X, and offer special pricing on sake by the glass and bottle. If you're not familiar with sake, these are great introductions to the world of this traditional and delicious Japanese spirit.

Executive Chef Jonah Kim will introduce a sake-influenced version of their award-winning Satori tasting menu to be accompanied by various sake. On Thursday, October 10, PABU will host a Kubota Sake Dinner with limited seating. Kubota has been brewing sake for more than 400 years, and their Senshin, an ultra daiginjo and competition batch sake, will be part of the dinner pairing.

We had the regular Satori tasting menu a while back, and highly recommend it. Here are some photos to whet your whistle.

"happy spoon" & izakaya appetizers
oyster, uni, ikura, ponzu creme fraiche, lotus root, seaweed salad, "goma-ae" with sesame
pabu wing "nagoya style" & pork spare rib
red chili glaze, japanese mayo
skewers grilled over japanese binchotan
tsukune "chicken meatballs," negima, skirt steak, sweet garlic, eringi mushroom
michael's "chicken noodle" soup
ramen noodles, rich chicken broth
And if you don't know what "daiginjo" and "competition batch sake" is, then you might want to enroll in a Sake 101 class. This month, Tiffany Soto will be holding them on October 5th and 12th. For those of you who have already taken the Sake 101, there will be Sake 102 classes held on October 19th and 26th and will cover the art of sake pairings with food.

For more information visit or call 410.223.1460. To make reservations for sake education courses or the Kubota Sake Dinner call Shannon Toback at 410.223.1464 or email her at

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