Friday, October 15, 2010

Be a Restaurant Critic!

Baltimore Magazine is hosting a contest to find three restaurant critics to help Suzanne Loudermilk, senior food editor, review restaurants for the magazine’s annual Best Restaurants issue. The contest began yesterday and goes until Oct. 27. Click here for more details:

Contest participants should write a review of their favorite Baltimore area restaurant in 150 words or less. The entries will be judged by Suzanne based on creativity, writing style, and food knowledge. The only rules are as follows:

You must be 21 years or older to participate.
Only ONE entry is allowed per person.
Your work must be original and not more than 150 words.
Baltimore magazine staff and family members, professional chefs and restaurateurs, food bloggers, and paid and published reviewers are not eligible to participate.


Beth said...

wait, food bloggers aren't eligible to participate? that's odd!

theminx said...

I know, that seems weird, right? I would think that people like you and Wendi, who don't write about restaurants ordinarily, could possibly be exempt.