Saturday, April 17, 2010

KFC Double Down

Yannow, I don't know what all the clamor is about. KFC has introduced a "sandwich" comprising two pieces of chicken with cheese and bacon inside. It has 540 calories with 32g of fat and 1380mg of sodium. Oooh...sounds horrific, huh? But take a look at the counts for a single extra crispy breast: 510 cal, 33g fat, 1010mg sodium. The "crispy twister" sandwich (crispy strip in a tortilla) has 590 calories. The pot pie has 690 calories, and the "Famous Bowl" has 700.

KFC is bad, but it's not the only fast food place trying to kill us. Everyone's favorite burger, the Big Mac, which contains a whopping 3.2 oz of beef, also has 540 calories. The McRib has 500, and a 5-pc "chicken selects premium breast strips" has 660 calories.

On to Burger King. A Whopper, without mayo, has 520 calories. The Triple Whopper with cheese has 1250.  And their "tender crisp" chicken sandwich has 800 calories. Hell, even a large fries has 540 calories. I'm gaining weight just looking at the BK menu. Never did like that place.

I know there are smug folks out there who are thinking, "but I only eat at Chipotle, Their options are healthier than fast food." Think again. According to an online nutrition calculator, a burrito with black beans, rice, and chicken has a whopping 730 calories, 20g of fat, and 1440mg of sodium. Add cheese, hot red salsa, and guacamole, and you get 1020 cals, 42g of fat and 2320mg of sodium. You're better off sharing that burrito with a friend, but even half has more sodium than the double down.

If you're going to get all hysterical about fast food sandwiches, go after all of them, not just the newest one on the block. I think the Double Down has folks up in arms because it's weird - no bread. And come on - fried chicken with cheese and bacon? You all just wish you thought of it first.

Will I try it? Nahh...haven't been in a KFC in years and don't feel the need to go now. But if you try one, do let me know, 'k?