Friday, April 09, 2010

April is Grilled Cheese Month

April is Grilled Cheese Month - sayeth Serious Eats - so it's completely appropriate that Grilled Cheese & Company opened in Catonsville on April 5th.

There's also a new Web site dedicated to the glories of grilled cheese - The Grilled Cheese Academy. The sandwich below is The Gibraltar, sandwich #24, and the recipe can be found on the site, along with 29 others.

The site is sponsored by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, who of course wants us to buy more Wisconsin cheese. (Honestly, I think any cheese will do.)

Who wants a sandwich? (I do!)


Chris said...

OMG, a whole restaurant dedicated to grilled cheese sammies? One more reason I'm sad not to be coming up there in May this year!!! Next year if I make it out, I will have to go there . . . maybe more than once.

Best grilled cheese in Dallas is at Cafe Brazil: they do a four-cheese on homemade bread, and if you dare, they will put avocado, tomato, and bacon on it. To. Die. For.

Anonymous said...

HI! I saw your blog about the guidelines, saw this one, and since i am a fellow foodblogger, i am very interested in what you have here!!!!
makes me want to run out and,make some grilled cheese!