Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Better Crabcake

Last night we stopped off at the Double T Diner on Joppa Road for a bite to eat before grocery shopping. While Mr Minx opted for the meatloaf sandwich (chewy meatloaf, weird gravy) I ordered a single broiled "jumbo lump" crabcake. What I got was about 4" across, 1" thick, and filled with huge lumps of crab. There was also a substantial amount of mushy breading. Personally, I'd dump the breading and serve a mostly meat cake 2/3 the size. It at least tasted good.

About 10 years ago, when this particular Double T opened, it was owned by a different family than the one who owns it now. The menu was different, and their specials could be truly special. My favorite was the crab balls. For about $11, one got three small round crab cakes in a lemon butter sauce, plus soup, salad, veg, and potato. The crab cakes were absolutely scrumptious. And probably a loss leader. Eventually things changed, prices went up, and quality went down.

I've never been impressed by the Double Ts. I think the Nautilus in Timonium and the Broadway on Eastern Ave do a much better job of food.


David Dust said...

Crab Balls???

nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.


fyi: The word verification right now is "ballyc". Coincidence? :)

theminx said...

Oh you'd love the hot pot dinner I attended a couple of weekends ago - there were two kinds of fish balls for our enjoyment. :)