Thursday, November 08, 2007

Shrimp Curry

Last night we tried the first of the Let's Dish meals - a shrimp curry. When we were packaging the stuff up at the shop, I was smart enough to add twice as much ginger and curry powder as the recipe called for. Mr Minx said it tasted ok, but that it needed salt and the curry powder was a bit spicy but otherwise one-dimensional. So of course he doctored it up with other Indian spices. And added more shrimp. And as there were no vegetables in the dish, he cooked up a head of cauliflower and seasoned it in an Indian manner as well. With a cilantro leaf and pistachio garnish and spoonfuls of various chutneys from my collection, it was a tasty meal. However, one that could have been made from scratch just as quickly. (No photos, as without the cilantro, the dish was a symphony in beige.)

Mr Minx did admit that it was nice to have something in the freezer that he could cook up without having to put any advance thought into the meal.

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