Friday, April 12, 2013

Choice Bites 4.12.2013

Some "healthy" foods aren't quite as healthy as you might think they are....

Someone at Buzzfeed has nothing to do but hate on cereal. Here's a list of "16 Breakfast Cereals That Should be Obliterated." Really? Obliterated? Get a life.

Like to overeat at meals? Then Gluttony Pants may be for you!

Ever thought about using food scraps in your garden? Not as is, but as compost? Food 52 has a good, brief, article on three methods of composting, just in time for Spring planting and growing season.

Confused about regional bbq styles? These handy explanations make it easy to figure out.

This Tufts' student is the ultimate recycler: he eats food he finds in Dumpsters, and plans to open a cafe to feed other students.

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