Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Choice Bites 8.28.2012

Fans of See's chocolates (like us) will be pleased to know that the company plans to open brick-and-mortar shops in the East (including Maryland) within the next three years. Woo hoo! Read more about Warren Buffet's candy company in this interesting article from the latest issue of Fortune Magazine.

Art and food collide in this amazing magazine cover featuring the likeness of acclaimed Danish chef Rene Redzepi. Created with glasses, plates, food, etc. Clicky here to see it and read an article about its creation.

Americans eat 270.7 pounds of meat per year PER PERSON. That's outrageous. It's like eating one pound of meat EVERY 32 HOURS. I know I don't eat anywhere near that much, so someone(s) else is(are) taking up my slack. And the most popular meat? Chicken, at the moment, although historically it's been beef. For more info on this crazy carnivorousness and its impact on the environment, check out these NPR articles here and here.

I love Mexican cuisine, and was happy to see that Saveur has made its entire Mexico Issue available online. Find all sorts of delicious recipes and instructional videos here.

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