Monday, September 15, 2008

Recent Dining Experiences

On Thursday, Mr Minx and I met up with our friend Karin who was visiting from Germany. She was in the mood for dim sum, so we paid a visit to Jesse Wong's Hong Kong. We had never ordered dim sum off the menu there before, and despite everything being freshly made, we prefer the cart experience. More choices, even if most of them are room temperature/not as crisp as possible by the time they get to our table.

On Friday I took the train to Wilmington to visit my friend Kate. Immediately upon arrival I was whisked to Cajun Kate's to support Don during the filming of a segment on the local Philadelphia NBC affiliate. I can clearly be seen eating beignets at the counter, and hope to have a video up here as soon as I can get my powder-sugar-coated paws on one. In addition to Cajun Kate's yummy beignets, we split an order of the deep fried French toast with pecan maple syrup.

Several hours later, we headed back to Cajun Kate's for dinner - soft shell crab po' boys and crispy mac and cheese with corn and applewood smoked bacon. So delicious, but I can eat this way only once every few

The next morning we had breakfast at Angel's with our friend Wanda. Those scrambled eggs had to tide me over through a day of visiting - a much-needed *good* haircut from my friend Karen in New Jersey, a visit with her husband Jim Six, and then a gumbo delivery to my Dad in Bel Air. By the time we were ready to head back to Baltimore, Kate and I were famished and desperate enough to eat at Arby's (I'm not big on fast food).

Whew. I need vegetables. Stat!

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Anonymous said...

When I got to my sister's on Saturday night, my first question was, "Got any veggies?" I tried to eat nothing but fruits and vegetables all day Sunday, but I have to admit to wolfing down 2 (two!) of the cooked crab cakes from Geresbeck's (they also come ready to fry or broil at home). Six bucks each, and worth every penny - the size of baseballs, with lots of crab and more lumps than most any restaurant/store-bought crab cake I've had in a LONG time. Next time you and Mr. Minx are in Dundalk, you should take the trip down Eastern Avenue and try them, if you haven't already. Worth the drive!