Friday, June 27, 2008

Perusing Baltimore Restaurant Week Offerings

I've already got a Restaurant Week lunch reservation at the Black Olive and am currently checking out dinner options for other days in the week. Not everyone has a menu up yet, but so far a handful of them look promising. I tend to skip the restaurants that offer boring fare - that would be most of the places in Little Italy, the Rusty Scupper - and go for places that offer food that might bring me back again.

I still puzzle over Ding How's participation in RW. Not that they don't serve good food - their crispy beef and Ding How duck have long been favorites of mine - but you really have to pig out to spend $30.08 on a regular night...for two. At least they don't offer $20.08 lunches when you can get a lunch special for under $10. :)

I'm also puzzling over this offering at Tugs, the restaurant in the Tremont Plaza Hotel:

Salmon Filet Southwestern Style - Herb Crusted Filet of Salmon served Over Savoy Cabbage, Onions, Carrots, with Shrimp Yogurt Mustard Sauce

There's absolutely nothing about that description that makes me think "Southwest." Certainly not the savoy cabbage, nor the "shrimp yogurt mustard sauce." Actually, it doesn't even sound good to me, regardless of regional origin.

Ze Mean Bean offers one entree only, and it comes with braised pistachios. Someone's been watching Top Chef!

Cazbar offers a mixed mezze plate appetizer: Acili ezme, cacik, Patlican salatasi, spoon salad, Baba Ghanoush, haydari, piyaz, and hummus. I know baba ghanoush and hummus, but need a translation for the rest. Turns out their regular menu reveals what makes up "acili ezme" (finely chopped tomatoes with pomegranate dressing and hot peppers with olive oil), but I can't find patlican salatasi or piyaz anywhere. Anyone know? Never having been to Cazbar before, should I try it out?

I've got a short list compiled, but am willing to take recommendations. Got one (or two)? Leave 'em in the comments, please.

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Unknown said...

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