Tuesday, June 10, 2008

James Beard Awards

The 2008 James Beard Award winners have just been announced and can be found here. I find it amusing that Gavin Kaysen, of Café Boulud in NY won the Rising Star Chef of the Year Award (given to a chef age 30 or younger who displays an impressive talent and who is likely to have a significant impact on the industry in years to come). He was eliminated in Week Three of TVFN's The Next Iron Chef competition, where he didn't look all that impressive.

Guess the high-pressure situation of TV just wasn't for him, but the high pressure situation of a professional kitchen is just dandy.


Anonymous said...

You have obviously never tried his food. Maybe you should come in to Café Boulud before you make a judgment. Chef Kaysen is amazing!

theminx said...

Not making a judgment - just stating the facts. Kaysen bombed on Next Iron Chef. And I'm happy to eat at Cafe Boulud - if you comp me a meal. Would make up for that sucky, flavorless, $32 burger I had at db Bistro in February.