Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Asian Snacks

Mr Minx and I were elated to find a new (to us) Asian grocer in the Towson area, Towson Oriental Food Market. The information came from the schoolgirl waitress at one of our favorite Chinese joints who gesticulated and ummm'd and errr'd about the location. Not good with street names and evidently not a driver, she eventually mentioned "the diner" and "Hooters" and I knew it had to be located in the Joppa Road/Loch Raven area. It is, in fact, in Parkville, at 8424 Willow Oak Road, just off Loch Raven and a block from Putty Hill Avenue.

The store is small, with a limited produce section and freezer cases holding such delicacies as dumplings and "pork bung" (intestines). There's also a vast quantity of Asian junk foods, from Pocky to peanuts. We couldn't resist buying some of the Filipino snacks, mostly because their names made me giggle like an idiot.

The Ding Dong mixed nuts are comprised of dried peas and beans, peanuts, crunchy corn bits, and crackery bits, flavored with garlic and onion. The Boy Bawang (chili cheese flavor) are a lot like Corn Nuts, but not as tooth-shatteringly hard. The flavoring was mild and salty, neither tasting of chili nor cheese.

Both are good snacks for football-watching. Maybe we'll save the rest for the Super Bowl.

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